Ark Photography: Blog en-us (C) Ark Photography (Ark Photography) Fri, 08 Sep 2017 12:22:00 GMT Fri, 08 Sep 2017 12:22:00 GMT Ark Photography: Blog 120 120 Fire & Ice "Some say the world will end in fire, some say in ice. From what I've tasted of desire I hold with those who favor fire" - Robert Frost 

3N0A3005-2.jpg3N0A3005-2.jpg 3N0A3054.jpg3N0A3054.jpg 3N0A2644.jpg3N0A2644.jpg 3N0A3265.jpg3N0A3265.jpg 3N0A3400.jpg3N0A3400.jpg 3N0A3312.jpg3N0A3312.jpg 3N0A3478.jpg3N0A3478.jpg 3N0A3553.jpg3N0A3553.jpg 3N0A3589.jpg3N0A3589.jpg 3N0A3595.jpg3N0A3595.jpg 3N0A3946.jpg3N0A3946.jpg 3N0A3871.jpg3N0A3871.jpg 3N0A3985.jpg3N0A3985.jpg

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The Matt Family // Greenville, SC Hope is the thing with 

feathers that perches in 

the soul and sings the 

tunes without the words, 

and never stops at all.

-Emily Dickinson 

3N0A3513.jpg3N0A3513.jpg 3N0A3555.jpg3N0A3555.jpg 3N0A3558.jpg3N0A3558.jpg 3N0A3564.jpg3N0A3564.jpg 3N0A3572.jpg3N0A3572.jpg 3N0A3583.jpg3N0A3583.jpg 3N0A3613.jpg3N0A3613.jpg 3N0A3599-2.jpg3N0A3599-2.jpg 3N0A3647.jpg3N0A3647.jpg 3N0A3683.jpg3N0A3683.jpg 3N0A3779.jpg3N0A3779.jpg 3N0A3831-2.jpg3N0A3831-2.jpg 3N0A3887-2.jpg3N0A3887-2.jpg 3N0A3946.jpg3N0A3946.jpg 3N0A3962.jpg3N0A3962.jpg 3N0A4026.jpg3N0A4026.jpg 3N0A4039.jpg3N0A4039.jpg 3N0A4144.jpg3N0A4144.jpg 3N0A4250.jpg3N0A4250.jpg 3N0A4263.jpg3N0A4263.jpg 3N0A4340-2.jpg3N0A4340-2.jpg

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O Is For Oscar // Greenville South Carolina O Is For Oscar..... four day old Oscar. What a blessing it was to meet and document this new family. 

3N0A2969-2.jpg3N0A2969-2.jpg 3N0A2882.jpg3N0A2882.jpg 3N0A2902.jpg3N0A2902.jpg 3N0A3026-2.jpg3N0A3026-2.jpg 3N0A3041.jpg3N0A3041.jpg 3N0A3043.jpg3N0A3043.jpg 3N0A3078-2.jpg3N0A3078-2.jpg 3N0A3079-2.jpg3N0A3079-2.jpg 3N0A3146.jpg3N0A3146.jpg 3N0A3248-2.jpg3N0A3248-2.jpg 3N0A3265.jpg3N0A3265.jpg 3N0A3282-2.jpg3N0A3282-2.jpg 3N0A3393.jpg3N0A3393.jpg 3N0A3352.jpg3N0A3352.jpg

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A Fall WV Wedding // Ben & Kirsten This day......these moments I share below were filled with so much love. Ben and Kirsten are so special to so many and they made sure that everyone felt loved and appreciated in return. Their love has been built over time and is so calm and true. It was a blessing to share such a beautiful day with them. 

3N0A8899.jpg3N0A8899.jpg 3N0A8888.jpg3N0A8888.jpg 3N0A8910.jpg3N0A8910.jpg 3N0A8893.jpg3N0A8893.jpg 3N0A8917.jpg3N0A8917.jpg 3N0A8926.jpg3N0A8926.jpg 3N0A8928.jpg3N0A8928.jpg 3N0A8962.jpg3N0A8962.jpg 3N0A8964.jpg3N0A8964.jpg 3N0A8954.jpg3N0A8954.jpg 3N0A8932.jpg3N0A8932.jpg 3N0A8946.jpg3N0A8946.jpg 3N0A8968.jpg3N0A8968.jpg 3N0A9050.jpg3N0A9050.jpg 3N0A8993.jpg3N0A8993.jpg 3N0A9070.jpg3N0A9070.jpg 3N0A9073.jpg3N0A9073.jpg 3N0A9162.jpg3N0A9162.jpg 3N0A9190.jpg3N0A9190.jpg 3N0A9206.jpg3N0A9206.jpg 3N0A9241.jpg3N0A9241.jpg 3N0A9230.jpg3N0A9230.jpg 3N0A9254.jpg3N0A9254.jpg IMG_6484.jpgIMG_6484.jpg 3N0A9270.jpg3N0A9270.jpg 3N0A9265.jpg3N0A9265.jpg 3N0A9420.jpg3N0A9420.jpg 3N0A9452.jpg3N0A9452.jpg 3N0A9462.jpg3N0A9462.jpg 3N0A9512.jpg3N0A9512.jpg 3N0A9588.jpg3N0A9588.jpg 3N0A9776.jpg3N0A9776.jpg 3N0A9908.jpg3N0A9908.jpg 3N0A0114.jpg3N0A0114.jpg 3N0A0124.jpg3N0A0124.jpg 3N0A0185.jpg3N0A0185.jpg 3N0A0148.jpg3N0A0148.jpg 3N0A0231.jpg3N0A0231.jpg 3N0A0250.jpg3N0A0250.jpg 3N0A0364.jpg3N0A0364.jpg 3N0A0332.jpg3N0A0332.jpg 3N0A0400.jpg3N0A0400.jpg 3N0A0445.jpg3N0A0445.jpg 3N0A0713.jpg3N0A0713.jpg 3N0A0408.jpg3N0A0408.jpg 3N0A0613.jpg3N0A0613.jpg 3N0A0781.jpg3N0A0781.jpg 3N0A0796.jpg3N0A0796.jpg

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Two Will Become Three Oh my, this new trio is a blessing on earth. I will be meeting baby Tucci soon, as he has made is arrival, I simply can not wait. Thank you! 

3N0A1070.jpg3N0A1070.jpg 3N0A1033-2.jpg3N0A1033-2.jpg 3N0A1102.jpg3N0A1102.jpg 3N0A1092.jpg3N0A1092.jpg


3N0A1245.jpg3N0A1245.jpg 3N0A1264.jpg3N0A1264.jpg 3N0A1296.jpg3N0A1296.jpg 3N0A1312.jpg3N0A1312.jpg 3N0A1315.jpg3N0A1315.jpg 3N0A1355.jpg3N0A1355.jpg 3N0A1406.jpg3N0A1406.jpg 3N0A1560.jpg3N0A1560.jpg 3N0A1562.jpg3N0A1562.jpg
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A Wheeling WV Wedding // Robbie & Sarah I had only lived in the south for a little over a month before returning to my hometown of Wheeling, WV. My return was so special, I had returned with the intention of capturing a sweet love story. That intention overflowed, not only did I capture a sweet love story, I was completely captivated as I was welcomed back home just as if I were family. I will always remember this time, as the Swoger and Bonar families treated me as if I was part of their own tribe.

October of 2014 was the first time I met Sarah and Robbie as we adventured out to their family camp where they had years of fun memories with family and friends. I knew right then that their love was so special, their love had no limits, as it reached far beyond just the two of them.

Robbie and Sarah, thank you for being an amazing example of love in this universe, leading by example, and allowing those you meet to be captivated by your love and joy. Many years of health and happiness to you!
Robbie +Sarah-1.jpgRobbie +Sarah-1.jpg Robbie +Sarah-17.jpgRobbie +Sarah-17.jpg Robbie +Sarah-15.jpgRobbie +Sarah-15.jpg Robbie +Sarah-24.jpgRobbie +Sarah-24.jpg Robbie +Sarah-23.jpgRobbie +Sarah-23.jpg Robbie +Sarah-29.jpgRobbie +Sarah-29.jpg Robbie +Sarah-31.jpgRobbie +Sarah-31.jpg Robbie +Sarah-34.jpgRobbie +Sarah-34.jpg Robbie +Sarah-36.jpgRobbie +Sarah-36.jpg Robbie +Sarah-19.jpgRobbie +Sarah-19.jpg Robbie +Sarah-20.jpgRobbie +Sarah-20.jpg Robbie +Sarah-41.jpgRobbie +Sarah-41.jpg Robbie +Sarah-50.jpgRobbie +Sarah-50.jpg Robbie +Sarah-53.jpgRobbie +Sarah-53.jpg Robbie +Sarah-54.jpgRobbie +Sarah-54.jpg Robbie +Sarah-55.jpgRobbie +Sarah-55.jpg Robbie +Sarah-59.jpgRobbie +Sarah-59.jpg Robbie +Sarah-47.jpgRobbie +Sarah-47.jpg Robbie +Sarah-48.jpgRobbie +Sarah-48.jpg Robbie +Sarah-65.jpgRobbie +Sarah-65.jpg Robbie +Sarah-75.jpgRobbie +Sarah-75.jpg Robbie +Sarah-82.jpgRobbie +Sarah-82.jpg Robbie +Sarah-87.jpgRobbie +Sarah-87.jpg Robbie +Sarah-92.jpgRobbie +Sarah-92.jpg Robbie +Sarah-99.jpgRobbie +Sarah-99.jpg Robbie +Sarah-46.jpgRobbie +Sarah-46.jpg Robbie +Sarah-143.jpgRobbie +Sarah-143.jpg Robbie +Sarah-168.jpgRobbie +Sarah-168.jpg Robbie +Sarah-195.jpgRobbie +Sarah-195.jpg Robbie +Sarah-193.jpgRobbie +Sarah-193.jpg Robbie +Sarah-205.jpgRobbie +Sarah-205.jpg Robbie +Sarah-201.jpgRobbie +Sarah-201.jpg Robbie +Sarah-213.jpgRobbie +Sarah-213.jpg Robbie +Sarah-245.jpgRobbie +Sarah-245.jpg Robbie +Sarah-298.jpgRobbie +Sarah-298.jpg Robbie +Sarah-329.jpgRobbie +Sarah-329.jpg Robbie +Sarah-363.jpgRobbie +Sarah-363.jpg Robbie +Sarah-351.jpgRobbie +Sarah-351.jpg Robbie +Sarah-431.jpgRobbie +Sarah-431.jpg Robbie +Sarah-389.jpgRobbie +Sarah-389.jpg Robbie +Sarah-454.jpgRobbie +Sarah-454.jpg

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A Southern Bride and Groom in WV // Thomas & Kylie Thomas and Kylie, what can I sweet as honey. All the way from Florida, this couple came to Wheeling, WV to get married at Oglebay Resort and also celebrate their family reunion. They welcomed me with open arms, not once holding back their true selves, trusting me to capture their time here. The groom is a triplet who has a love for playing southern gospel with his brothers and his lovely bride. It was a beautiful day in West Virginia with a beautiful couple, I am more than grateful! 

Venue: Oglebay Resort & Conference Center 

Flowers: Bellisima... simply beautiful flowers 


Thomas + Kylie-89.jpgThomas + Kylie-89.jpg Thomas + Kylie-131.jpgThomas + Kylie-131.jpg Thomas + Kylie-93.jpgThomas + Kylie-93.jpg

Thomas + Kylie-117.jpgThomas + Kylie-117.jpg Thomas + Kylie-138.jpgThomas + Kylie-138.jpg

Thomas + Kylie-144.jpgThomas + Kylie-144.jpg Thomas + Kylie-102.jpgThomas + Kylie-102.jpg Thomas + Kylie-105.jpgThomas + Kylie-105.jpg Thomas + Kylie-160.jpgThomas + Kylie-160.jpg
Thomas + Kylie-126.jpgThomas + Kylie-126.jpg Thomas + Kylie-232.jpgThomas + Kylie-232.jpg Thomas + Kylie-220.jpgThomas + Kylie-220.jpg
Thomas + Kylie-188.jpgThomas + Kylie-188.jpg Thomas + Kylie-193.jpgThomas + Kylie-193.jpg

Thomas + Kylie-209.jpgThomas + Kylie-209.jpg Thomas + Kylie-215.jpgThomas + Kylie-215.jpg Thomas + Kylie-123.jpgThomas + Kylie-123.jpg Thomas + Kylie-223.jpgThomas + Kylie-223.jpg Thomas + Kylie-66.jpgThomas + Kylie-66.jpg Thomas + Kylie-65.jpgThomas + Kylie-65.jpg Thomas + Kylie-261.jpgThomas + Kylie-261.jpg

Thomas + Kylie-275.jpgThomas + Kylie-275.jpg Thomas + Kylie-272.jpgThomas + Kylie-272.jpg Thomas + Kylie-277.jpgThomas + Kylie-277.jpg Thomas + Kylie-350.jpgThomas + Kylie-350.jpg Thomas + Kylie-351.jpgThomas + Kylie-351.jpg Thomas + Kylie-355.jpgThomas + Kylie-355.jpg Thomas + Kylie-365.jpgThomas + Kylie-365.jpg Thomas + Kylie-369.jpgThomas + Kylie-369.jpg Thomas + Kylie-367.jpgThomas + Kylie-367.jpg Thomas + Kylie-454.jpgThomas + Kylie-454.jpg Thomas + Kylie-459.jpgThomas + Kylie-459.jpg Thomas + Kylie-460.jpgThomas + Kylie-460.jpg Thomas + Kylie-405.jpgThomas + Kylie-405.jpg
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A Wheeling WV Engagement // Erik & Carly I was so thrilled to spend my last evening shoot in Wheeling with Erik and Carly. I've been observing them from afar for a while, as I do with all my couples, just to get a sense of how they interact and to begin to appreciate them as individuals. I knew that our evening was going to be filled with a laid-back sense of sweetness, and they definitely did not disappoint. They trusted me to choose all their locations and allowed me to create images just where I had envisioned them. What a sweet evening in the beautiful town of Wheeling, WV. "When you plant a seed of love, it is you that blossoms"  Erik + Carly-1.jpgErik + Carly-1.jpg Erik + Carly-4.jpgErik + Carly-4.jpg Erik + Carly-5.jpgErik + Carly-5.jpg Erik + Carly-7.jpgErik + Carly-7.jpg Erik + Carly-8.jpgErik + Carly-8.jpg Erik + Carly-10.jpgErik + Carly-10.jpg Erik + Carly-14.jpgErik + Carly-14.jpg Erik + Carly-16.jpgErik + Carly-16.jpg Erik + Carly-18.jpgErik + Carly-18.jpg Erik + Carly-20.jpgErik + Carly-20.jpg Erik + Carly-33.jpgErik + Carly-33.jpg Erik + Carly-37.jpgErik + Carly-37.jpg Erik + Carly-38.jpgErik + Carly-38.jpg Erik + Carly-42.jpgErik + Carly-42.jpg Erik + Carly-45.jpgErik + Carly-45.jpg Erik + Carly-61.jpgErik + Carly-61.jpg Erik + Carly-62.jpgErik + Carly-62.jpg Erik + Carly-50.jpgErik + Carly-50.jpg

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Patrick + Molly They opened their hearts to me, welcomed me with open arms and BBQ sauce, and kisses from a sweet pup. Molly and Patrick are the perfect mix of sweet and fun with no holding back. Patrick, a Combat Verteran, hero, and the master mind behind the brilliant Mason Dixon BBQ Co. It's no secret that Patrick stole Molly's heart with weak knees and a "love at first sight" spilled dish while serving up deliciousness at his eatery. 

I will never forget the connections we made that day while sharing stories and capturing a genuine mason dixon love story.

Patrick + Molly-2.jpgPatrick + Molly-2.jpg   Patrick + Molly-4.jpgPatrick + Molly-4.jpg Patrick + Molly-8.jpgPatrick + Molly-8.jpg Patrick + Molly-12.jpgPatrick + Molly-12.jpg Patrick + Molly-14.jpgPatrick + Molly-14.jpg Patrick + Molly-17.jpgPatrick + Molly-17.jpg Patrick + Molly-27.jpgPatrick + Molly-27.jpg Patrick + Molly-31.jpgPatrick + Molly-31.jpg Patrick + Molly-33.jpgPatrick + Molly-33.jpg Patrick + Molly-34.jpgPatrick + Molly-34.jpg Patrick + Molly-35.jpgPatrick + Molly-35.jpg Patrick + Molly-37.jpgPatrick + Molly-37.jpg Patrick + Molly-38.jpgPatrick + Molly-38.jpg Patrick + Molly-39.jpgPatrick + Molly-39.jpg Patrick + Molly-44.jpgPatrick + Molly-44.jpg Patrick + Molly-48.jpgPatrick + Molly-48.jpg Patrick + Molly-49.jpgPatrick + Molly-49.jpg Patrick + Molly-57.jpgPatrick + Molly-57.jpg Patrick + Molly-59.jpgPatrick + Molly-59.jpg Patrick + Molly-71.jpgPatrick + Molly-71.jpg

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Mermaids in the Mountains of WV I had the pleasure of documenting a perfect little mermaid birthday celebration. The day was full of laughter, colorful decorations, and happy little mermaids. 

Mermaid Party-7.jpgMermaid Party-7.jpg Mermaid Party-1.jpgMermaid Party-1.jpg Mermaid Party-8.jpgMermaid Party-8.jpg Mermaid Party-10.jpgMermaid Party-10.jpg Mermaid Party-13.jpgMermaid Party-13.jpg Mermaid Party-26.jpgMermaid Party-26.jpg Mermaid Party-27.jpgMermaid Party-27.jpg Mermaid Party-33.jpgMermaid Party-33.jpg Mermaid Party-39.jpgMermaid Party-39.jpg Mermaid Party-46.jpgMermaid Party-46.jpg Mermaid Party-134.jpgMermaid Party-134.jpg Mermaid Party-149.jpgMermaid Party-149.jpg Mermaid Party-7.jpgMermaid Party-7.jpg Mermaid Party-19.jpgMermaid Party-19.jpg Mermaid Party-21.jpgMermaid Party-21.jpg

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Cara + Joey " Because of your smile, you make life more beautiful" ~ Thich Nhat Hanh 

Cara + Joey-5.jpgCara + Joey-5.jpg Cara + Joey-14.jpgCara + Joey-14.jpg Cara + Joey-20.jpgCara + Joey-20.jpg Cara + Joey-27.jpgCara + Joey-27.jpg Cara + Joey-28.jpgCara + Joey-28.jpg Cara + Joey-22.jpgCara + Joey-22.jpg Cara + Joey-18.jpgCara + Joey-18.jpg Cara + Joey-21.jpgCara + Joey-21.jpg Cara + Joey-34.jpgCara + Joey-34.jpg

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Ryan + Lauren They are from Oklahoma, we met through a Rhode Islander, and we captured beautiful moments in West Virginia. Lauren and Ryan were celebrating their 1 year wedding anniversary, which is so hard to believe because the love they have for each other is so authentic, so real, a love that is most often grown over many years. They are calm, patient, very comfortable with who they are individually and together.....This shines so brightly through their photos! 

Lauren + Ryan -5.jpgLauren + Ryan -5.jpg Lauren + Ryan -97.jpgLauren + Ryan -97.jpg Lauren + Ryan -11.jpgLauren + Ryan -11.jpg Lauren + Ryan -13.jpgLauren + Ryan -13.jpg Lauren + Ryan -22.jpgLauren + Ryan -22.jpg Lauren + Ryan -23.jpgLauren + Ryan -23.jpg Lauren + Ryan -25.jpgLauren + Ryan -25.jpg Lauren + Ryan -28.jpgLauren + Ryan -28.jpg Lauren + Ryan -35.jpgLauren + Ryan -35.jpg Lauren + Ryan -68.jpgLauren + Ryan -68.jpg Lauren + Ryan -71.jpgLauren + Ryan -71.jpg Lauren + Ryan -80.jpgLauren + Ryan -80.jpg Lauren + Ryan -88.jpgLauren + Ryan -88.jpg Lauren + Ryan -82.jpgLauren + Ryan -82.jpg Lauren + Ryan -93.jpgLauren + Ryan -93.jpg Lauren + Ryan -96.jpgLauren + Ryan -96.jpg Lauren + Ryan -104.jpgLauren + Ryan -104.jpg Lauren + Ryan -105.jpgLauren + Ryan -105.jpg Lauren + Ryan -108.jpgLauren + Ryan -108.jpg Lauren + Ryan -111.jpgLauren + Ryan -111.jpg Lauren + Ryan -98.jpgLauren + Ryan -98.jpg Lauren + Ryan -109.jpgLauren + Ryan -109.jpg

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Joy " Sometimes your joy is the source of your smile, but sometimes your smile can be the source of your joy." ~ Thich Nhat Hanh

Zatezalo-4.jpgZatezalo-4.jpg Zatezalo-8.jpgZatezalo-8.jpg Zatezalo-3.jpgZatezalo-3.jpg Zatezalo-11.jpgZatezalo-11.jpg Zatezalo-14.jpgZatezalo-14.jpg Zatezalo-15.jpgZatezalo-15.jpg Zatezalo-17.jpgZatezalo-17.jpg Zatezalo-21.jpgZatezalo-21.jpg Zatezalo-24.jpgZatezalo-24.jpg Zatezalo-26.jpgZatezalo-26.jpg Zatezalo-25.jpgZatezalo-25.jpg Zatezalo-35.jpgZatezalo-35.jpg Zatezalo-40.jpgZatezalo-40.jpg Zatezalo-48.jpgZatezalo-48.jpg Zatezalo-45.jpgZatezalo-45.jpg Zatezalo-50.jpgZatezalo-50.jpg Zatezalo-55.jpgZatezalo-55.jpg Zatezalo-56.jpgZatezalo-56.jpg Zatezalo-57.jpgZatezalo-57.jpg Zatezalo-66.jpgZatezalo-66.jpg

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Glow I am so thankful to have spent quality time catching up with an old friend. We sang, we laughed, we enjoyed each others company +1!!!! It feels so good to connect with another woman on so many levels. Kristen, you are just beautiful! I am so blessed to know you!  MamaKristen-6.jpgMamaKristen-6.jpg MamaKristen-7.jpgMamaKristen-7.jpg MamaKristen-8.jpgMamaKristen-8.jpg MamaKristen-10.jpgMamaKristen-10.jpg MamaKristen-9.jpgMamaKristen-9.jpg MamaKristen-1.jpgMamaKristen-1.jpg MamaKristen-21.jpgMamaKristen-21.jpg MamaKristen-23.jpgMamaKristen-23.jpg MamaKristen-24.jpgMamaKristen-24.jpg MamaKristen-35.jpgMamaKristen-35.jpg MamaKristen-26.jpgMamaKristen-26.jpg MamaKristen-28.jpgMamaKristen-28.jpg MamaKristen-42.jpgMamaKristen-42.jpg

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Happy Goat Yoga Is Creating Good Vibes in Wheeling, West Virginia Lindsay Schooler, a WV native and lover of all good things, has caused a big wave of good vibes in the Ohio Valley. Lindsay is inspiring others at her Yoga Studio, The Happy Goat! I had the honor of documenting the positive vibes she and her fellow yogis are spreading in our great town! Here is a link to her studio for more info. 

Happy Goat-1.jpgHappy Goat-1.jpg

Happy Goat-9.jpgHappy Goat-9.jpg Happy Goat-3.jpgHappy Goat-3.jpg Happy Goat-15.jpgHappy Goat-15.jpg Happy Goat-24.jpgHappy Goat-24.jpg Happy Goat-30.jpgHappy Goat-30.jpg

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Guinevere There are few times in ones life where you feel you have known someone you've just met, forever. Well meeting this beautiful Momma and her Guinevere was one of those times! So thankful! 

Guinevere 6 Months-37.jpgGuinevere 6 Months-37.jpg Guinevere 6 Months-6.jpgGuinevere 6 Months-6.jpg Guinevere 6 Months-13.jpgGuinevere 6 Months-13.jpg Guinevere 6 Months-20.jpgGuinevere 6 Months-20.jpg Guinevere 6 Months-22.jpgGuinevere 6 Months-22.jpg Guinevere 6 Months-23.jpgGuinevere 6 Months-23.jpg Guinevere 6 Months-24.jpgGuinevere 6 Months-24.jpg Guinevere 6 Months-44.jpgGuinevere 6 Months-44.jpg Guinevere 6 Months-42.jpgGuinevere 6 Months-42.jpg Guinevere 6 Months-45.jpgGuinevere 6 Months-45.jpg Guinevere 6 Months-48.jpgGuinevere 6 Months-48.jpg Guinevere 6 Months-47.jpgGuinevere 6 Months-47.jpg Guinevere 6 Months-50.jpgGuinevere 6 Months-50.jpg Guinevere 6 Months-51.jpgGuinevere 6 Months-51.jpg Guinevere 6 Months-39.jpgGuinevere 6 Months-39.jpg Guinevere 6 Months-60.jpgGuinevere 6 Months-60.jpg

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Beautiful Bella Bella - Beautiful, Loving, Lovable, Graceful. I believe this little angel's name encompasses her being. I have been so blessed to be introduced to the Kobasko family. I first witnessed an unbreakable bond between a mother and her two daughter, and now the bond between four beautiful women. Bella, you are blessed with an amazing mother, aunt, and grandmother. It will be impossible for you to not live up to the meaning of your name, with the love you will feel from these three women! 


Baby Bella-1.jpgBaby Bella-1.jpg Baby Bella-2.jpgBaby Bella-2.jpg


Baby Bella-4.jpgBaby Bella-4.jpg Baby Bella-5.jpgBaby Bella-5.jpg Baby Bella-33.jpgBaby Bella-33.jpg Baby Bella-8.jpgBaby Bella-8.jpg Baby Bella-13.jpgBaby Bella-13.jpg Baby Bella-22.jpgBaby Bella-22.jpg Baby Bella-25.jpgBaby Bella-25.jpg Baby Bella-12.jpgBaby Bella-12.jpg Baby Bella-14.jpgBaby Bella-14.jpg Baby Bella-35.jpgBaby Bella-35.jpg


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Robbie + Sarah Congratulations Robbie and Sarah! Thank you for sharing such a special place with Jimmy and I. We just can't wait until your wedding day. 

Robbie + Sarah-0598.jpgRobbie + Sarah-0598.jpg Robbie + Sarah-0624.jpgRobbie + Sarah-0624.jpg Robbie + Sarah-0219.jpgRobbie + Sarah-0219.jpg Robbie + Sarah-0253.jpgRobbie + Sarah-0253.jpg Robbie + Sarah-0269.jpgRobbie + Sarah-0269.jpg Robbie + Sarah-0397.jpgRobbie + Sarah-0397.jpg Robbie + Sarah-0404.jpgRobbie + Sarah-0404.jpg Robbie + Sarah-0472.jpgRobbie + Sarah-0472.jpg Robbie + Sarah-0539.jpgRobbie + Sarah-0539.jpg Robbie + Sarah-0668.jpgRobbie + Sarah-0668.jpg Robbie + Sarah-0862.jpgRobbie + Sarah-0862.jpg

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Ben + Kirsten Our time spent together couldn't have been more perfect. An early sunrise session may have started with a bit of rain, but continued on to a beautiful sunrise and ended with a warm cup-of-jo. These two are an amazing couple, and those who are lucky enough to know them, know that a love as strong as theirs only comes around once in a lifetime. 

Ben + Kirsten-9632.jpgBen + Kirsten-9632.jpg Ben + Kirsten-9662.jpgBen + Kirsten-9662.jpg Ben + Kirsten-9670.jpgBen + Kirsten-9670.jpg Ben + Kirsten-9702.jpgBen + Kirsten-9702.jpg Ben + Kirsten-9734.jpgBen + Kirsten-9734.jpg Ben + Kirsten-9741.jpgBen + Kirsten-9741.jpg Ben + Kirsten-9718.jpgBen + Kirsten-9718.jpg Ben + Kirsten-9899.jpgBen + Kirsten-9899.jpg Ben + Kirsten-9873.jpgBen + Kirsten-9873.jpg Ben + Kirsten-9943.jpgBen + Kirsten-9943.jpg Ben + Kirsten-0004.jpgBen + Kirsten-0004.jpg Ben + Kirsten-0044.jpgBen + Kirsten-0044.jpg Ben + Kirsten-9960.jpgBen + Kirsten-9960.jpg Ben + Kirsten-0061.jpgBen + Kirsten-0061.jpg



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Family of Four! It has been more than a pleasure to watch this beautiful family grow. Our time together is always filled with laughter while little RJ entertains us. This time, a little more sweetness was added to the equation with the addition of Charlie! Family Z-8661.jpgFamily Z-8661.jpg Family Z-8684.jpgFamily Z-8684.jpg Family Z-8693.jpgFamily Z-8693.jpg Family Z-8702.jpgFamily Z-8702.jpg Family Z-8803.jpgFamily Z-8803.jpg Family Z-8845.jpgFamily Z-8845.jpg Family Z-9062.jpgFamily Z-9062.jpg Family Z-9118.jpgFamily Z-9118.jpg Family Z-9155.jpgFamily Z-9155.jpg Family Z-9323.jpgFamily Z-9323.jpg

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